20th September 2018

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

20th September 2018

Agenda: Let us lead the way in ethical use of biometrics

Scotland is set to regulate biometric data, which includes DNA, fingerprint, facial images, iris, voice, and behavioural data. The Biometric Data Bill was recently announced in Scotland’s Programme for Government and is open for consultation until October 1.


London mayor steps up battle against surge in violent crime

London’s mayor took his most high-profile step towards tackling violent crime by launching an initiative on Wednesday that mirrors the strategy widely credited with reducing rates in Scotland. Sadiq Khan said he had allocated £500,000 to establish a violence reduction unit in London that will tackle violent crime as a public health issue. The initiative will largely replicate the approach of the Scottish violence reduction unit set up by police in Glasgow in 2005. That unit has sought to address all the circumstances surrounding violence by young people instead of following a traditional criminal justice approach.


Glasgow anti-crime initiative adopted by London following wave of stabbings

A Glasgow anti-violence scheme has been adopted by London in a bid to tackle the wave of knife crime which has plagued the capital. The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, yesterday announced plans for a violence reduction unit that treats violence as a public health issue. It follows more than 100 murders in London so far this year, many knife related, with one third of victims aged between 16 and 24. The strategy is based on the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit which was hailed as a major success.


From murder capital of Europe to role model for London

Scotland’s Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) was set up to stem the tide of knife crime which saw Glasgow become Europe’s murder capital. From its formation in 2005 the VRU proposed a fresh approach to tackling the issue. Its key message was that gang-related stabbings and slashings were not just a policing problem but a public health problem. The unit’s motto was a simple one: “Violence is preventable, not inevitable.” In 2004/05 there were 137 murders in Scotland. But by 2016/17 the total had more than halved to 61.


Cut speed limits to 20mph to save lives, says MSP

IT is an idea which could transform they way people have moved around Scotland’s towns and cities since the dawn of the age of the motor car. And to many used to getting from A to B as quick as they can, it would seem to be a step back to the days when the roads were ruled by the horse and cart. Yet now fresh research has found that cutting the speed limit in towns by 10 mph could not only save lives – it could spare the public purse a bill of millions of pounds each year. Last year, there were 26 pedestrians killed on built-up roads in Scotland, up from 23 in 2016.



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