8th October 2018

Perth Police HQ - by Ninian Reid via Flickr

8th October 2018

Cash-strapped police force on course to save nearly £2bn over ten years

Police Scotland is on track to make cumulative savings of nearly £2 billion over the next decade – well ahead of its original target. Details from the national force show it looks set to make efficiencies totalling £1.9bn by 2028 after cutting around 2,000 staff, reducing senior ranks and selling off buildings.


Herald View: Society has a serious problem with the way females are too often treated

Humza Yousaf’s announcement at the SNP conference of a new Victims Task Force is to be welcomed. Its aim, said the Justice Secretary, would be “better outcomes for all victims of crime”, including “specific actions to improve the experience of victims of rape and sexual assault”.  But what of those who don’t even get recognised as victims, whose experiences are not properly investigated by the police, and who are left with their confidence in the justice system shattered? The disturbing case of Caitie Mackay, a young student repeatedly stalked and harassed, is just one example that suggests Mr Yousaf’s task force will have its work cut out.


The death of Sheku Bayoh brings shame on Scottish justice yet again

The decision not to prosecute any officer involved continues historic indifference to misconduct by the Scottish force.  Amid gatherings of nice, white liberal types, we have all recounted tales (with suitable embellishment) of sporadic instances of police misconduct. We rarely tell of the many other occasions when we have been treated with courtesy, respect and a degree of compassion by police officers in times of personal crisis when we have been the victims of crime or suffered the sudden death of a friend or loved one.



Newest recruit of Police Scotland revealed as adorable Belgian Malinois puppy and twitter loves him

The newest recruit of Police Scotland has been revealed and he’s ready to take a bite out of crime.  An adorable puppy named Rip is now being trained to paw-role the streets when he grows up.  Police made the announcement on social media introducing the Belgian Malinois dog saying he has ‘big paws to fill’.


Misogyny could become a hate crime as Humza Yousaf consults on law change

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf told men to be “allies” and not “bystanders” in the war against misogyny yesterday, as he announced new plans which could widen the scope of Scotland’s hate crime laws.  Speaking at the SNP’s party conference in Glasgow, Yousaf told the men in the room “to stand up and be counted in the fight against misogyny”.  “If we are simply passive then we are part of the problem,” he added.



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